It all started while still in college at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. While I was dating Jane in 1973 (my wife since 1974), I was driving between Alva and Lamont. I learned of this artesian well located on Oklahoma highway 11 just Northeast of Cherokee OK. What a neat place and great water! It was the perfect place to stop. It was halfway back to Alva. At that time there were steel steps with no rails over the fence.

Around 1988 I tried to purchase the farm and artesian well from Mrs Brickman . On May 30, 2003 McDermott Living Trust bought at public auction 320 acres from the Brickman estate. I really wanted to bottle this great water. That was the first time I had ever been on the property except for the well location on the highway. Just a few minutes after the auction someone told us there is another artesian well just 200 feet to the east of the auction site. Later we found another artesian well. With that knowledge we decided to use the east well for the bottling plant. This way we could leave this fantastic well on the highway totally open without tapping it for bottling.

We formed deVine LLC as the distribution arm of the water co. Getting the water rights for commercial sale was another learning experience. In 2004 we acquired the water rights to start selling bottled water.

Jane and I were in San Antonio visiting our son Dustin and family at Fort Sam Houston. I found a local retail water store that had a small water system setup for the 5 gallon sales. I built a clean room in my shed at home and received an Oklahoma health certificate. It was time to start bottling 5 gallon bottles. My daughter Alyson helped bottle and load the 5 gallon bottles. Deliveries were made with a pickup prior to buying our first delivery truck in 2006. I would load a 1000 gallon tank at the well and transport to our bottling site. At the same time I contracted with Caldwell, KS Bottling Company to bottle small bottles with our logo and water. It was not that long till I had them start bottling our 5 gallon bottles as it was tough to keep up while holding down a full time insurance profession.

In 2007 Caldwell Bottling Co was purchased. Our 1000 gallon transfer tank retired to a 5000 gallon tanker. We started building on our current location at the same time. We moved the equipment from Caldwell to the Junction of Oklahoma Hwy 11 and 38 in 2008. McDermott Manufacturing LLC was formed as the real estate and equipment owner.

October 2010 McDermott Manufacturing LLC bought deVine LLC and we changed the name to deVine Water LLC.

We have continued improving our production and delivery equipment. In 2011 we upgraded our equipment to be able to handle larger orders. 2012 a warehouse was built. It was a great day when we moved inventory from our production area and semi- truck vans.

-Max McDermott, Owner

“deVine water owes its origin to the last Great Ice Age 15,000 years ago, when clear, pure, pristine glacier waters flowed from the Colorado icefields through northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas. The glacier waters were naturally trapped underground in nature's purest groundwater reservoir--natural sandstone--where it was enhanced with healthy minerals…stored by Nature from the Ice Age”.....available now for your enjoyment.

Mark Crawford (BS & MS in geology. Major was Pleistocene (ice age) sedimentology --- and ground water geology & All things sandstone.)